Doggy Day Training

If you work all the time or find it difficult to find time to train or walk your dog what do you do? Most dog walkers are not able to provide dog training or behaviour advice. Therefore we provide the best alternative – Doggy Day Training is ideal for people from the Formby, Southport, Liverpool, Ormskirk or surrounding areas.

If you simply just want your dog exercised and socialised for longer than one hour per day (most dog walkers) then day training is ideal for you. We encourage socialisation in our secure paddock and training areas, exercise your dog both on and off the lead and make sure that they have the best day possible. This is all supervised by experienced and knowledgeable dog trainers able to develop your dog`s social skills and exercise them in a safe and secure manner.

Day Training can either be done as a part of a behaviour development program with Craig Richardson, our behaviourist, or as a short term course to work on a specific issue. Your dog will be with us all day and we will work on your dog`s specific issues and develop their training diligently. At the end of the day you will have a brief recap with one of our team,  to run through your dog`s day and to explain the techniques and results achieved.

Additionally, as part of any dog training course we aim to teach owners how to control their dogs and progress their training, however quite often owners find it impractical to expose their dog to other dogs or additional distractions due to their work / life balance or due to the environment they normally exercise their dog in. Day Training is viewed by many as a solution to this issue, we can help expose your dog in a balanced manner and create distractions to better test your dogs level of training.

How does Day Training work?


  1. Full day training: This is a full day service from 08:00 till 18:00 hrs on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Your dog will have an active day, mostly outdoors and will have 1-2-1 time with our team to develop his or hers specific training needs. Prices range from £25 – £40 per day.
  2. Half day training: Mainly suited to new dogs or dogs just requiring an introduction to socialisation. Half day is up to 3 hours. Prices range from £12.50 – £20.
  3. Practice Sessions: Come down with your dog, exercise them and have a chat with one of our team who will help you create scenarios to work on different training exercises such as; lead walking, stays, general manners or recall. Generally owners can use our facilities for up to 1 hour and the cost is £20.

*All dogs should be fully vaccinated, including against kennel cough*

We are open for Day Training currently every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 8am till 6pm

For further information just give us a call, email or message us via facebook.

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