First Visit

After your initial enquiry you will be invited to the training centre for your Introduction Appointment. During this time you will meet a member of our team who will show you around the site, talk to you about the services we offer, give you some free advice and training information. We find this to be an invaluable service as it helps us and you determine the best course of action for your puppy or adult dog, it also eliminates any pressures about turning up and not knowing what to expect as you are welcome to watch any class that may be going on at that time.

What to bring

On the day of your first lesson, consultation or day care we will need you to bring the following;

  • Vaccination Card (including the kennel cough vaccine)
  • Lead (not a flexi lead) and preferably rope or nylon
  • Collar (either a flat collar or combi collar) – certain types of head collar are also ok – Just double check with us first
  • A favourite toy
  • Tasty treats (chicken or sausage – biscuits can take too long to chew!)

Please note, the following training aids are prohibited from training classes;

  • Full Check or Choke Chains
  • Electric Collars
  • Pinch or Prong Collars
  • Slip leads

Hopefully we will see you at training soon!